Crazy summer Love, weddings, travel and events! Since we all get inspirations from our surrounding i decided to visit a new spot this summer to discover the other part of the world...I went DOWN-UNDA!
Yes! Australia; why not? I’ve been hearing about it lately since Melbourne was ranked the most livable city in the world! So I managed to get all my papers ready, and promised myself not to think of the 14-hour trip in anyway but a great experience! It’s funny how energy works, I had a great time meeting people from different nationalities till I landed and got to see my other half (eldest sister)!

What a great start for a 3-week vacation...I was privileged enough to attend Andrea Bocelli's concert on his Birthday at Etihad Stadium...a romantic evening followed by a set menu dinner at Chin Chin. The journey started with more traveling around and Nour had it all planned to hit the Gold Cost for a week! White sand, sunny windy days and great vibes filled the sidewalks with people from all around the world,  not to forget about the summer shopping and Theme Parks (we all became kids again) and the amazing surfing beach of Byron Bay!  We then flew back to Melbourne where I stayed for one more week and got to discover this amazing city with wonderful positive people who were so helpful to a tourist.I started going around checking out fashion trends which I was surprised by; It’s very similar to London Street style yet more chic and with a twist! Art is very much appreciated and implemented in people’s daily life. We hit great restaurants on "Melbounre's Little Italy"; Lygon Street, fusion kitchens, French patisseries and Cafes on Flinder's street,  Tea rooms and chocolate bars on Collin's Street!

I must say, Australia is the place to be…I was eager to discover more of Melbourne streets and Museums But hey…it was all worth it and there is a 2nd visit sometime soon! Thanks to the world's best sister!


Farah xxx

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