• Northern Lights

    The minute i hear Northern Lights i imagine shooting stars, shining elements up in the sky and a dark rainbow of colors! well it's some how true.

    now that Farah Asmar is becoming a travel-inspired Brand i would like to share with you my Iceland trip which my partner and I have visited back in January this year. So we are excited about the trip heading out from cold Gatwick airport- London To land into the freezing ground of Iceland ( literally it was a white carpet). Given its a Scandinavian country with few thousands living in it we arrive to Reykjavik where everyone is so friendly and helpful.

    we have booked few trips ahead of time and started with a candle light dinner at Fish Company ( highly recommended) where the set menu was a work of art offering all types of seafood slowly cooked in an interesting fusion.

    waking up the next morning early at 6 where we were shocked that the sun doesnt shine till 11 am!!! we toured around to experience the magical waterfalls (Helgufoss & Brúarfoss)After that we got to discover the city's coolest street Laugavegur where we dined at Old Iceland and got to shop some icelandic fashion (dont forget to buy your whool jumper & sheep or dear rug)

    Reaching to the interesting part of experiencing the boiling Blue Lagoon surrounded by lava stones in a -2 degree weather! truly magical, on our way back we got to see a hint of the northern lights but our trip the next night was canceled due to sky not being clear. I decided not to get disappointed since it would have been the highlight of our trip therefore our FW1718 will be inspired by my own imagination of what northern lights would look like!

    coming soon....


    dont forget to hit Coco's Nest for a" breakfast for Champions"

    Posted by Farah Al-Asmar
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