Happy Halloween weekend! In honor of Fright Night, I have found the perfect bag for all your trick-or-treating. As a matter of fact, the way I see it, this bag situation is two-parts trick and one-part treat. Sure, it’s a Steffany Tote Bag This is the bag for you if don’t mind looking like you’re carrying someone’s ostrich on your arm or as if you are in a Alice in Wonderland movie. Its colourful and fearful. 

Halloween will be here faster than we know it…Do you have your costume ready? I find that holidays are way more fun when you dress up with your favorite girl gang. There’s nothing better than turning on a spooky Halloween Flick and breaking out the DIY supplies. While it’s fun to go all out on an elaborate costume, you may find yourself in a pinch and in need of a costume ASAP. I’ll let you in on a little secret: some of the best costumes can be found right in your own closet. That’s right, look no further than your wardrobe to find the perfect dynamic duo getups for you and your girls. If the inspiration still isn’t flowing, just pick up something similar to the Farah Asmar Steffany Tote, perfect for a Halloween occasion. 


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