When I design bags, I always think about the women that will wear them, what they do, how they live their lives. Of course, I don’t know exactly where my bags end up, or who with, but I do try to keep todays women in my mind. I also take inspiration from my travels; my bags take a little bit of what I have seen and experienced, and thread it into the lives of the women that carrying them. Women with busy lives still need to look elegant and fashion forward. I want my bags to give women the power to be their best selves; speaking to them and touching their hearts!

When buying a present for someone you love, you take into consideration what they like. For a woman who loves handbags, then the best quality handbags are what they really do deserve. This is why I make my designs to such a high standard, using the best calf leather not only for the outside but for the inside too. I want you to have a bag that you will love and adore, that you will be proud to wear to all sorts of occasions.

My bags are quite collectible; after all, we all need a few handbags for different occasions. Shopping with our friends needs a bigger bag than evening dates so I have made tote bags and mini tote bags, clutches and bigger weekend type bags. Each collection features the colors, the shapes and the patterns that I see, the ones that spring out to me and especially inspires me to create. When you get one of my bags you get a piece of me, my style and my eye for color.

I am very flattered and delighted at the popularity of my designs. Women everywhere, including style icons from stage and screen are wearing my bags and enjoying them. They are hugely popular and I am honored that women are taking my bags to premiers, on television and onto the catwalks. However, it isn’t just our media role models that my bags are designed for. Consider gifting a handbag, be it tote or clutch; Farah Asmar bags make a celebration extra special. Handbags are not an accessory anymore! You can style a whole outfit around one of our pieces. Not only is a handbag useful it says something about the wearer. They scream statement and status.

You are part of the inspiration for me to carry on designing, and for me it is a pleasurable experience to communicate my love of nature, architecture and people everywhere into luxury handbags. I will keep on designing and creating wonderful handbags for you to enjoy. Wear them with pride, knowing that each one is purposed to make you feel amazing, to have something beautiful and special that you can really treasure.


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