• You've Got Mail-Thank you Letter

    When I design bags, I always think about the women that will wear them, what they do, how they live their lives. Of course, I don’t know exactly where my bags end up, or who with, but I do try to keep todays women in my mind. I also take inspiration from my travels; my bags take a little bit of what I have seen and experienced, and thread it into the lives of the women that carrying them. Women with busy lives still need to look elegant and fashion forward. I want my bags to give women the power to be their best selves; speaking to them and touching their hearts!

    When buying a present for someone you love, you take into consideration what they like. For a woman who loves handbags, then the best quality handbags are what they really do deserve. This is why I make my designs to such a high standard, using the best calf leather not only for the outside but for the inside too. I want you to have a bag that you will love and adore, that you will be proud to wear to all sorts of occasions.

    My bags are quite collectible; after all, we all need a few handbags for different occasions. Shopping with our friends needs a bigger bag than evening dates so I have made tote bags and mini tote bags, clutches and bigger weekend type bags. Each collection features the colors, the shapes and the patterns that I see, the ones that spring out to me and especially inspires me to create. When you get one of my bags you get a piece of me, my style and my eye for color.

    I am very flattered and delighted at the popularity of my designs. Women everywhere, including style icons from stage and screen are wearing my bags and enjoying them. They are hugely popular and I am honored that women are taking my bags to premiers, on television and onto the catwalks. However, it isn’t just our media role models that my bags are designed for. Consider gifting a handbag, be it tote or clutch; Farah Asmar bags make a celebration extra special. Handbags are not an accessory anymore! You can style a whole outfit around one of our pieces. Not only is a handbag useful it says something about the wearer. They scream statement and status.

    You are part of the inspiration for me to carry on designing, and for me it is a pleasurable experience to communicate my love of nature, architecture and people everywhere into luxury handbags. I will keep on designing and creating wonderful handbags for you to enjoy. Wear them with pride, knowing that each one is purposed to make you feel amazing, to have something beautiful and special that you can really treasure.

    Posted by Farah Al-Asmar
  • Northern Lights

    The minute i hear Northern Lights i imagine shooting stars, shining elements up in the sky and a dark rainbow of colors! well it's some how true.

    now that Farah Asmar is becoming a travel-inspired Brand i would like to share with you my Iceland trip which my partner and I have visited back in January this year. So we are excited about the trip heading out from cold Gatwick airport- London To land into the freezing ground of Iceland ( literally it was a white carpet). Given its a Scandinavian country with few thousands living in it we arrive to Reykjavik where everyone is so friendly and helpful.

    we have booked few trips ahead of time and started with a candle light dinner at Fish Company ( highly recommended) where the set menu was a work of art offering all types of seafood slowly cooked in an interesting fusion.

    waking up the next morning early at 6 where we were shocked that the sun doesnt shine till 11 am!!! we toured around to experience the magical waterfalls (Helgufoss & Brúarfoss)After that we got to discover the city's coolest street Laugavegur where we dined at Old Iceland and got to shop some icelandic fashion (dont forget to buy your whool jumper & sheep or dear rug)

    Reaching to the interesting part of experiencing the boiling Blue Lagoon surrounded by lava stones in a -2 degree weather! truly magical, on our way back we got to see a hint of the northern lights but our trip the next night was canceled due to sky not being clear. I decided not to get disappointed since it would have been the highlight of our trip therefore our FW1718 will be inspired by my own imagination of what northern lights would look like!

    coming soon....


    dont forget to hit Coco's Nest for a" breakfast for Champions"

    Posted by Farah Al-Asmar
  • French Reviera


    To each their own imagination about a certain dream, I have always dreamed about the French Riviera…beach, fun & music, and some pastel French doors & boats…This season we bring you a variety of shades and shapes that will appeal to those dreamers. Choosing three different cuts which all perfectly compliment not just who you are and what you do, but the way you flow through life.

     When you are looking for a new bag it is always great if you can have one that can take you day to night; I’m talking the mini Anabella. In beautiful shades hinting at the vintage & glossy painted boats situated along the beach, these bags are just right. While you could imagine the glamorous women of the French Reviera holding them as they effortlessly board their boats, they are also wonderful bags for the evening out too. The side tassels move as you walk around, drawing attention to your lovely arm-candy and reflecting just who you are adding a fun element for dancing and swaying till dawn, holding your cell phone, keys and some lipstick perfectly, leaving you looking uncluttered and elegant. Wear it by hand, on shoulder or go hands free with the attachable waist belt for more freedom and spirit.

    Varying from blue raffia, green and griege, to all-time favorite, delicate rose and grey; This is the perfect bag for one of those cocktail sunset dates.

    Talking fun & colors take a look at the mini Jackie O shoulder bag?  It’s eye catching color range will surely get you engaged with compliments, and this beautiful bag just shouts out quality. From lizard, to nubuk on the front flap to calf leather sitting on the body creating a garden of hues. The useful compartment is made of calf leather also, highlighting electric skins that are sure to catch the eye. Whether you are lunching, shopping or going to work, these shoulder bags are not just useful but beautiful and stylish, making a statement about the kind of woman you are. Create envy with The mini Jackie O shoulder bag; available in electric blue and mustard, fuchsia and griege, also violet and nude.

    Finally is the mini Steffany Tote which is made of water snake. With two compartments and an internal pocket; these bags are worth taking a good look at. Beautifully squared with a short handle, the ultimate for the girl up town.

     keep on dreaming!

    Posted by Farah Al-Asmar
  • Down Under!

    Crazy summer Love, weddings, travel and events! Since we all get inspirations from our surrounding i decided to visit a new spot this summer to discover the other part of the world...I went DOWN-UNDA!
    Yes! Australia; why not? I’ve been hearing about it lately since Melbourne was ranked the most livable city in the world! So I managed to get all my papers ready, and promised myself not to think of the 14-hour trip in anyway but a great experience! It’s funny how energy works, I had a great time meeting people from different nationalities till I landed and got to see my other half (eldest sister)!

    What a great start for a 3-week vacation...I was privileged enough to attend Andrea Bocelli's concert on his Birthday at Etihad Stadium...a romantic evening followed by a set menu dinner at Chin Chin. The journey started with more traveling around and Nour had it all planned to hit the Gold Cost for a week! White sand, sunny windy days and great vibes filled the sidewalks with people from all around the world,  not to forget about the summer shopping and Theme Parks (we all became kids again) and the amazing surfing beach of Byron Bay!  We then flew back to Melbourne where I stayed for one more week and got to discover this amazing city with wonderful positive people who were so helpful to a tourist.I started going around checking out fashion trends which I was surprised by; It’s very similar to London Street style yet more chic and with a twist! Art is very much appreciated and implemented in people’s daily life. We hit great restaurants on "Melbounre's Little Italy"; Lygon Street, fusion kitchens, French patisseries and Cafes on Flinder's street,  Tea rooms and chocolate bars on Collin's Street!

    I must say, Australia is the place to be…I was eager to discover more of Melbourne streets and Museums But hey…it was all worth it and there is a 2nd visit sometime soon! Thanks to the world's best sister!


    Farah xxx

    Posted by Farah Al-Asmar
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